Here is why you will order at our artists' workshop - and it is not only because we make perfect painting realizations.

Written by: You-know-who on September 02, 2023 || ⤶ index


First, I will be honest with you, as the others aren't. It is not because we have a company in the US, that we paint the artworks there. NOBODY does hand-painted art reproductions in the US because it would be too expensive. If someone tells you otherwise, he's a liar.

Why nobody processes their oil painting reproductions in the USA?

Well, it is pretty obvious. So obvious that I think people are really gullible to think painting reproductions produced locally will cost only a few hundreds.

A professional artist, if he is any good, will work at least at $18 an hour, 8 hours a day, for an average of 2 weeks (14 days) to produce an artwork - and I am not talking about a Canaletto here. So, just the labor would cost [18 x 8 x 14] = 2,016 USD. And that's just labor, without painting material (canvas, brushes, paint), without rent and expenses, and without a necessary profit.

Henceforth, it is not possible to sell a painting reproduction for 500 USD, that was hand painted in the states, whatever the nice salesman said. At that price, It is either a print on canvas, or it was made in SE Asia. So do not fell into this trap, and ask yourself: "how is it possible?".

Our painting studio is conveniently located in South East Asia. I went there for the weather, stayed to make my craft, been working for 25 years, and painted thousands of artworks for connoisseurs and patrons of the art.

But I see some company are based in the US, pretending they work there...

What these companies do, and I mean all of them, it's having the work done in China by artist's sweatshops (yes, it is a thing), then they ship them to the US, pretend they were done here, and sell them to you. There's actually nothing wrong with that, most of the products you buy are made in China, like your iPhones.

The problem lies in the fact, besides the white lie to get your confidence, that they are only products resellers, they are not actually on site to supervise the work, paint with the artists or whatever we are supposed to do. They order, they receive, they ship to you, and that's it.

How is our artists' atelier better? Why should you order from us instead?

It seems pretty obvious now. I am a European artist, based in Asia. I am personally overviewing every single artwork that goes out of my studios.

Furthermore, I will not just order a painting and send it to you once done, I am actually working with the artists, making sure, at the root, that everything goes smoothly, for 25 years already - I suddenly feel old.

That is why our realizations are perfect, and that is why I can guarantee you that you will be ecstatic once you receive them.


Where are your customers' testimonials coming from? I can't find them online

It is easy, and simple, actually. I have been in the business for more than 2 decades, and over time, people are sending me email to thank our studio for the magnificent work we did for them. I then copy these email content, and add them to our testimonials.

So, how can we be sure they are real?

It is simple: you just can't. I could easily lie to you and create testimonials. But I just don't. I told you it was transparency.

You were led by unscrupulous companies to relay solely on testimonials, but seriously, I could easily buy some online to fool you.

A testimonial online costs an average of 7 USD, with companies like USEVIRAL.

I could easily buy a hundred testimonials a month, for 700 bucks, and pretend they are all genuine, but I just don't.

Unlike my competitors, I do not buy false testimonials online, and I chose not to bother my customers, or offer discounts in exchange for testimonials, or whatever they do these days and I think a good reputation should come naturally, from trust.

I don't say my competitors are buying testimonials online, I just say they could easily do it, and it is no more a proof of authenticity than just copying back to a website real customers' congratulations that are genuine.


Your studio is not next door, how can I be sure that I will receive my artwork?

That one is easy. Firstly, why would I build a 10000-page website to steal a few hundreds from you? It took me years to learn how to do it.

But more importantly, each of the payments goes through PayPal, which guarantees your purchase for 6 months. If you were not to receive your painting, just let them know, and you would get a full refund. Simple as that. Plus, frankly, I would be out of business long ago.

Nowadays, buying a product in the states or on the other side of the world is basically the same.

My goal is to please each one of you, so I can see you turn to me when you need a new piece of art.