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  • Buy a high quality oil painting reproduction of Edward Hopper Gas

    Our high-quality oil painting reproductions are hand-painted on the finest canvas using only the finest pigments. Oil painting reproductions are used in interior design to adorn your home or business.

    American Realist painter Edward Hopper has done a fantastic job of showing what life is like daily. When it came to scenes of everyday life in America, Hopper got ideas from everywhere: trains and bus stops, busy cities and quiet towns, houses by the river and lighthouses, in short, anything that showed the ordinary instead of the special.

    Hopper, Gas explained

    In Gas, a single man is fooling around at the gas pump, but he isn't wearing a uniform. It is nighttime and the lights at the pump are switched on. Most of Hopper's paintings are about being alone and alone in the world, and this one is no different. Experts also think that Gas is a safe place for lonely people who are on the road late at night trying to get somewhere. Hopper has also worked on the lighting and color effects in his paintings, which is another thing that makes them stand out.

    Bright light comes from the station itself, making that part of the area special. The petrol pumps stand out with their deep red color, while the background trees appear impenetrable. The lone figure appears rather insignificant in the entire picture. No one knows if this painting is based on a specific gas station, but most people think it is a mix of all the gas stations Hopper has seen.

    According to Hopper's wife, Jo's diary, the two of them drove around looking for petrol pumps in the twilight in order for Hopper to paint this picture. The picture presently hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA.

    In Gas, for example, there aren't many people, and the objects in the gas station are the ones that stand out the most. The row of trees, which dots across the background on the other side of the road, make this location a fortunate discovery for the artist, with just enough detail to make the painting interesting, but without losing the types of atmosphere that were common within his work.

    It might be his most well-known painting besides Nighthawks. One can easily imagine what may have been going on in the lighted office to the right of the work, and it would be interesting to know the location of the gas station, and whether it is still in use or not. The mood throughout the career of Hopper is tranquility and a lack of activity as the main focus of each painting. Films and TV shows, among other types of media, have used the work of Edward Hopper as a source of inspiration. The artist is now well-known all over the world, but he will always be most loved in America because of his style and the way it captures charmingly moments in the past of American society. Many will get their own memories from seeing his paintings, and it is easy to understand why so many are still interested in his career, with them also serving as something of a historical record with the scenes that they deliver.

    The palette and brushwork used by the artist can be seen much better if you zoom on the image above this article, by clicking on it. For example, one can make out the smart dress of the employee, with blue trousers and a brown waistcoat over a light blue shirt and dark blue tie. It reminds us of the fashion of the period.

    The red tones of the pumps really stand out, and the big white lights on top of each one make them look proud. At the back of the forecourt, there is a sign for the gas station. To our right, there are two white wooden buildings that have been cut out of the painting. The larger building has a delightful red tower that leads up into the sky and the light is on inside, suggesting that this is the main store where petrol can be paid for and perhaps other items purchased.

    From the right, a shadow of light drifts in, pointing to more buildings and also letting us know what time of day Gas was made. The overall artwork is just over a meter in width, and around 67 cm in height, making it a large but still fairly manageable canvas which offers enough room for the detail, but without leaving areas too barren.

    The surrounding landscape is also beautifully done. A row of green trees offer a wall of tone that sweeps across the canvas, with a further flash of light blue for the sky above. There is then an important use of pink and yellow tones for some grasses which cover much of the ground underneath the trees and is then repeated in a small section on this side of the road. This adds a brightness that works well against the more standard colors and avoids that part of the painting becoming too dark (see the same in Cape Cod Morning). The road and floor of the forecourt are devoid of detail, looking clean and smart, just as the artist would typically serve up man-made items. This helps make a feeling of space and calm, which is what makes Hopper's work so special.

    One can look at Gas and perhaps even imagine some music coming from the open door, as a shop continues to offer its services but with only fleeting supplies of customers popping in every now and again.

    Brush strokes

    High-quality Italian cotton-linen canvas, top quality painting pigments and perfect colors replica.

    Wood chassis

    Your painting is stretched on a wooden chassis with keys. You can use the keys behind the frame to tighten the canvas as it will loosen over time.

    Floating frame

    Floating frame for your canvas. For classic or modern prints on canvas, you can't go wrong with a floating frame, that enhance your canvas and will look good in any interior style.

    Three colors

    Choose between three colors for your frame. Black, white or natural wood. Note: natural wood tones can vary, depending on which wood essence our carpenter has in stock.

    Luxury oil painting reproduction on canvas

    • Museum-quality oil painting reproduction with perfect colour accuracy, to the brushstroke.
    • Natural white, matte and ultra smooth 395g/m² Italian cotton and linen canvas.
    • Pebeo© brand paint made with high quality pigments for durable colors.
    • Every painting is reproduced carefully to the thiniest details; our artists have all more than 20 years experience copying paintings.
    • Fine art reproduction with all the tonalities and hues of the original painting.
    • Custom trimmed with 2 in (50mm) border suitable for framing (added to the painting size).
    • Delivered rolled in a tube, on stretchers or framed.

    Your painted canvas will be delivered by the best professional shipping service, for maximum security.

    We can send your painting reproduction of Edward Hopper Gas anywhere in the world at UPS or Fedex shipping cost price.

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