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    museum quality oil painting reproduction


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    80x53 cm
    31 1/2 x 20 in
    $ 582
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    $ 755
    120x80 cm
    47 1/4 x 31 in
    $ 1082
    150cmx100 cm
    59 x 39 in
    $ 1691
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    78 3/4 x 52 in
    $ 3020
    250x167 cm
    98 1/2 x 65 in
    $ 4705
    300x200 cm
    118 x 78 in
    $ 6762

    Oil painting reproduction of very good quality, canvas paint with oil painting at our workshops. You can choose your shippping (rolled, on canvas or framed) next page, in your cart.

    • Linen and coton mix canvas
    • Washable high resistance paint
    • Free wooden stretchers with keys for your painting
  • Artwork on demand (no stock)
  • Four weeks processing and delivery
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back
  • Buy a high quality oil painting reproduction of Edward Hopper Summertime

    Our high-quality oil painting reproductions are hand-painted on the finest canvas using only the finest pigments. Oil painting reproductions are used in interior design to adorn your home or business.

    Edward Hopper's Summertime Painting: A Masterful Representation of Solitude and Stillness

    Edward Hopper is one of America's most celebrated realist painters, whose works continue to captivate art enthusiasts across the globe. Among his many masterpieces, Summertime remains one of his most notable. Painted in 1943, Summertime depicts a solitary woman sitting on a porch, gazing out at the world around her. In this article, we explore the elements that make this painting a timeless piece of art.


    The Setting of Hopper's summertime

    The painting's setting is the first thing that catches the viewer's attention. The porch is bathed in warm, bright sunlight, and the surrounding trees and buildings cast long shadows, indicating that it's midday. Hopper's choice of colors is restrained yet effective in evoking the sunny ambience of summertime. The attention to detail in the painting is also noteworthy, with the different textures, patterns, and shapes creating visual depth and interest.

    The painting's central figure, a woman, is the epitome of solitude and stillness. She sits facing the viewer, engrossed in deep thought, unaware of her surroundings. Her body language conveys a sense of introspection and reflection, which is further accentuated by the lack of any other human presence in the painting. The woman's dress and hat are also symbolic of an era long gone, creating a sense of nostalgia, further contributing to the painting's timeless appeal.

    Summertime is more than just a painting; it's an embodiment of a feeling, a sensation, and a mood. Hopper's use of light and shadow, color and shape, all contribute towards creating a powerful message - the beauty and significance of solitude. He captures the essence of human emotion beautifully, as the woman's solitude mirrors the experience of many people, who seek tranquility and introspection amidst the chaos of the world. The painting's universality is undeniable, and its message can resonate with anyone, regardless of time or culture.

    Edward Hopper's Summertime is a painting that evokes a wide range of emotions, from nostalgia to introspection. It's a perfect representation of how an art piece can convey so much with so little. The painting's tranquility and stillness may appear unremarkable, but its symbolic significance is truly extraordinary. Summertime is indeed a timeless masterpiece that will continue to mesmerize art lovers for generations to come.

    Brush strokes

    High-quality Italian cotton-linen canvas, top quality painting pigments and perfect colors replica.

    Wood chassis

    Your painting is stretched on a wooden chassis with keys. You can use the keys behind the frame to tighten the canvas as it will loosen over time.

    Floating frame

    Floating frame for your canvas. For classic or modern prints on canvas, you can't go wrong with a floating frame, that enhance your canvas and will look good in any interior style.

    Three colors

    Choose between three colors for your frame. Black, white or natural wood. Note: natural wood tones can vary, depending on which wood essence our carpenter has in stock.

    Luxury oil painting reproduction on canvas

    • Museum-quality oil painting reproduction with perfect colour accuracy, to the brushstroke.
    • Natural white, matte and ultra smooth 395g/m² Italian cotton and linen canvas.
    • Pebeo© brand paint made with high quality pigments for durable colors.
    • Every painting is reproduced carefully to the thiniest details; our artists have all more than 20 years experience copying paintings.
    • Fine art reproduction with all the tonalities and hues of the original painting.
    • Custom trimmed with 2 in (50mm) border suitable for framing (added to the painting size).
    • Delivered rolled in a tube, on stretchers or framed.

    Your painted canvas will be delivered by the best professional shipping service, for maximum security.

    We can send your painting reproduction of Edward Hopper Summertime anywhere in the world at UPS or Fedex shipping cost price.

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