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Buy Rob Gonsalves superb reproductions hand-painted on canvas with oil painting, rivaling with the master quality. Choose between dozens of artwork.

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Rob Gonsalves art of magic realism

Rob Gonsalves, originally from Toronto, started out as an architect but ultimately pursued his passion for painting after achieving great success at the Art Exteriors of Toronto exhibition in 1990. Known for his unique style of magical realism, Gonsalves has been captivating audiences with his ability to seamlessly blend visual tricks and illusions into his paintings, creating imaginative and surreal worlds.

Magical realism, a concept that integrates magical or surreal elements into ordinary settings, is at the core of Gonsalves' artwork. Through carefully designed angles, lighting, and colors, he is able to create optical illusions that challenge the viewer's perception of reality.

One of his most famous pieces, "The sunset sails" showcases a bridge that transforms into a ship floating on the sea as the eye travels across the painting. This harmonious transition between two different worlds is a testament to Gonsalves' skill in creating captivating visual effects.

Rob Gonsalves The sunset sails hand painted on canvas

Gonsalves often incorporates layered images and scenes into his works, inviting viewers to explore and discover hidden meanings within each piece. His approach to art encourages thoughtful reflection and interpretation, adding depth to his canvases.

Not only has Gonsalves gained recognition in the art world, but his paintings have also resonated with everyday individuals. His art has been featured on book covers, magazines, and commercial advertisements, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Rob Gonsalves' signature style has made a significant impact on the art world, inspiring a new generation of surrealist artists. Through his expression of magical realism, he has pushed the boundaries of art and invited viewers to explore worlds beyond the confines of paint on canvas.

Reproduction of Gonsalves paintings

For those interested in reproducing Gonsalves' paintings, it is important to respect the original composition. Drawing perspective lines before starting the canvas allows for accurate proportions and directions, ensuring the illusion is properly conveyed. Additionally, meticulous attention to color gradients is crucial to achieve the seamless blending of background and foreground, maintaining the harmony of the painting.

Gonsalves' background as an architect is evident in his works, as he often incorporates architectural elements and plays with perspectives. The architecture of the city serves as a boundless source of inspiration for Gonsalves, merging with his childhood dreams to create captivating and imaginative compositions.

In the words of Plotinus, "Architecture is what remains of the building once the stone has been removed." Rob Gonsalves not only removes the stone, but also reframes it from a new perspective that stretches the boundaries of imagination, resulting in captivating works of art.

In the painting called Table Top Towers, we don't know where the cubes stacked on the table stop and where the city begins.

It is one of Rob Gonsalves' goals to confuse our perception of reality.