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Date: 13 March, 2021
Paolo gallery shipping and return - Best oil painting reproductions on canvas

FAQ about Paolo Gallery & Art Studio

Frequently Asked Questions from our beloved soon-to-be customers, before they discover the wonders we are capable of.

What level of quality can we expect for a reproduction?

Our reproductions are faithful to the originals, both in terms of colors and details, within the reasonable limit of what is feasible, of course, keeping in mind that we make reproductions from photos, not forgers' copies.

How long does it take to receive a painting reproduction?

Around five weeks, depending on the size of the canvas, its difficulty and the orders already in progress at our workshop.

When do I have to pay for my canvas reproduction?

Payment is made upon ordering. We have employees to pay as well, so no payment upon receiving your order.

100% secure payment guarantee. Payment is made on an online payment platform, which guarantees your purchases for 6 months. You can therefore rest easy. In the eventuality that your canvas does not get delivered, a simple refund request is enough.

What are the shipping costs for my painting?

The amount of shipping costs is calculated when you order, from your shopping cart.

Transport is payable at the carrier's cost price, generally UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Please note: there may be surcharges if you live in a remote location, or a country where shipping is surcharged. Shipping is free worldwide for rolled canvases, but special address surcharges are not included in the price. If, for example, you live in a hamlet 300 meters from the South Pole, in a country with a special regime, a country at war, or on an island.

Are there import taxes?

We pay taxes and transport costs from our production workshop, located abroad. However, depending on the country of receipt, there may be possible import taxes, especially if you reside in Europe, especially in overtaxed France. Usually within 20-30 USD; it all depends on the country, the latest regulations, the size of the package and its declared price.

There are no import taxes for the US.

Please note that canvases sent mounted on frames are generally taxed more than rolled canvases.

Shipping on stretchers or framed

Canvases ordered with a frame will be delivered mounted up to 200 cm. From 200 cm, the frames are delivered disassembled, next to the canvas. It’s much better in terms of security, the whole thing remaining fragile. Assembly can be done at home within in 5 minutes.

We remain at your disposal to send a large format painting mounted on a frame, if you wish delivery in a wooden crate. It's a little more expensive, but it always arrives in perfect condition.

Tracking number for your package

Packages are sent by a professional service provider, generally FedEx, UPS or DHL, in 4 to 5 days. Parcels to Russia are sent by normal post, so allow more time (around 2 weeks).
A tracking number will therefore be automatically assigned to your package by the transport company. HOWEVER, as I take care of customer relations alone, I do not have time to send the numbers to everyone: make the request, by responding from the order confirmation email that you received, if you want to know your tracking number. Either way, the company will contact you upon delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

What are the reasonable limits?

What quality can I expect?

Hand-painted reproductions are perfect, down to the smallest detail — as far as possible, of course. Especially in museum quality, which comes downright CLOSE to a forger's copy — nothing to do with the cheap paintings you can buy on the internet, or in China.

NB: We make reproductions from the photos we have in our possession, not forgers' copies. We cannot copy down to the exact original artist's brushstrokes, or the artist's exact boo, to see "their personal feelings at the time of creating the work". This can, possibly, only be done in a museum, in the presence of the original work. So keep realistic expectations.

For canvas prints we use existing images. Keep in mind that the price is attractive, but that it remains a photo printed on cotton canvas. Large formats may be a little blurry, but that's normal.

     NB: Quality of images printed on canvas
     A canvas print is simply an image that we print for you on a specific medium. This is NOT a hand painted reproduction and may have flaws, especially if you look too closely at large scale prints. A slightly blurry print when viewed closely is not a condition for refund.

1) Old photo prints will be of lower quality up close and should be viewed from an optimal distance. Please read our article: Good viewing distance for your prints

2) There may be several photos of the same print circulating on the internet, with different colors of course. To produce the print, we use the model found on our site, which is the only one valid in the event of disagreement.

3) If there is a defect on the original photo, it will appear on the print.

4) The perceived difference in colors/tint/contrast between your screen and the print you received does not entitle you to a refund. The perceived difference comes from the configuration of your screen: too light, too dark, too much contrast, difference in color, etc. The image we imprint on the real world is the only one that matters.

5) Some prints not available in HD may appear blurry at larger scales. Ask us if everything is ok before ordering large scale prints.

That said, we have the best images available on the Internet. If our print resolution is not good enough, the image does not exist otherwise.

Fidelity of the colors

1) there are several photos of the same painting circulating on the internet, with different colors of course. To make the reproduction, we use a photo print of the model which is on our site, which is the only one which is authentic in the event of disagreement. If this does not suit you, submit your image to us in HD and we will reproduce it in the same way.

2) Colors do not appear on your computer screen in the same way as in reality, this is due to: the quality, lighting and contrast of the camera, and the brightness and contrast settings of your screen . I do not modify the colors compared in this way, so thank you for trusting me before receiving your reproduction.

I will send you the photo which served as a model with the canvas, for comparison, of course.

3) The paintings painted with a knife, the drips (like those of Pollock or JonOne), the Zao or the Outrenoirs of Pierre Soulages are created in the style of the artist, not by the drop of paint or the precise line: it is simply impossible to reproduce exactly a painting made of drips or projected paint, knife strokes or flat areas of color. The artists who created them would also be incapable of reproducing the same painting twice.However, we are committed to getting as close as possible.

We are counting on our customers' understanding of the limits of what is feasible, and we thank you for your common sense. If you want an exact copy, we advise you to buy an original instead, you will be satisfied! :)

Terms of Sales

Art Reproduction undertakes to produce the paintings you order to the best of its ability, while keeping in mind that we make reproductions in the style of... Not forgers' copies.

Conditions for refunding your painting

Normal quality canvas prints and paintings are non-refundable. If you want a beautiful reproduction, order museum quality.

The models used for reproduction are those which are on our site, and the only ones which are authentic in the event of disagreement. If you have a version different from the one presented, submit it to us, otherwise we consider ours as the only valid one.

In the case of a refund, the return can be made by the sender of your choice, knowing that we cannot accept the recovery of a damaged painting. Shipping and bank transfer fees are non-refundable and we retain 30% of labor and material costs.

Authorization from our company is required before returning a package.

Artwork damaged during the shipping

If the painting is damaged during transport to your address, refuse the package by reporting the visible damage, and do not agree to sign the receipt. Once the receipt is duly signed, the canvas is considered accepted and there is no recourse possible.

     To avoid any problems, ask to unpack your canvas before signing the receipt. It happens, for example, that customs checks a package and damages it, before repacking it without precautions, neither seen nor known. Or that the transport company repackages to hide a problem that occurred during transport. Once signed, no recourse is possible, so be careful.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during transport, which remains the responsibility of the shipping company, you can therefore either refuse the package or contact the transport company (generally Fed-Ex or UPS).

Receiving your canvas

You have ordered a canvas from our workshop, which will be delivered to you within the deadlines specified on our site.

The transport company will notify you of its arrival, and will keep the canvas for 15 days only, in the event of your absence.

According to the new regulations in force, you may have to complete the customs declaration upon receipt, if you are in Europe. This rarely happens for rolled canvases, more often for large packages.

No refund will be possible if:

- You are absent when you receive the canvas.

- If you do not answer the carrier's phone and emails.

- If you do not pay customs duties and formalities, or do not want to follow the process.

Our job is to paint your work of art, the rest is up to the carrier, and your good will. Thank you for your understanding.

Discounts on our canvases

Canvas reproductions that have been the subject of a discount or promotion are not refundable, regardless of the discount or promotion.

We reserve the right to limit the time spent retouching paintings that have been discounted, after having nevertheless spent a reasonable amount of time, if necessary.