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Buy Edouard Manet superb reproductions hand-painted on canvas with oil painting, rivaling with the master quality. Choose between dozens of artwork.

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Edouard Manet life in brief

Édouard Manet was the most important and powerful artist to answer poet Charles Baudelaire's call for artists to paint modern life. Manet grew up in the top class, but he also lived as a bohemian. He wanted to shock the French Salon crowd with his disdain for academic rules and his strikingly modern pictures of city life. He has been linked to the Impressionists for a long time. He had a big impact on them, and he also learned a lot from them. Critics have said in recent years, though, that he also learned from the Realism and Naturalism of his French peers, as well as from Spanish paintings from the 17th century. The fact that he was interested in both Old Masters and modern Realism was the key to his new approach.

Manet style in art

Manet's modernity comes from the fact that he wanted to update past styles of painting by adding new ideas or changing the usual parts. He did this while paying close attention to both the past and the present. This was also the main reason why he got himself into so many problems.

    People say that he made the alla prima painting style famous. Manet didn't build up colors in layers. Instead, he put down the color that most closely fit the effect he was going for right away. Impressionists used this method a lot because it worked well for them when they had to paint outside and try to capture the effects of light and mood.

    Because of how he handled paint and how he showed depth, some parts of his paintings look "flat." In the time of the artist, this flatness might have reminded people of famous posters or the fakery of painting, rather than its realism. Today, reviewers see this as the first time "flatness" was used to describe a quality in modern art.