Your oil painting portrait really made with oil paint at our Artists' studio

We are doing your portrait with oil paint, your family portrait, or the portrait of your favorite pet, from a simple, good quality photo. All are hand-painted on canvas.

The Art of Capturing Life in an oil painting portrait

The art of oil painting portrait, or how to capture the essence of life through paint. From setting up a composition to mastering the color mixing and brushwork.

The Art of Capturing Life in an oil painting portrait

Setting up the Composition

When it comes to creating an oil painting portrait, the composition is key. The way in which the subject is posed and lit can make all the difference in capturing the essence of life in the painting.

Selecting the Perfect Pose for the portrait painting

Choosing the right pose for your subject is crucial. You want to capture their personality and convey the desired mood or emotion. Consider their body language and facial expression, and experiment with different poses until you find the one that best captures their essence. Basically, if you shoot a beautiful picture, you will get a better painting. Take your time for that part, or select a photo that you already love.

Determining the Ideal Lighting

In case you shoot a new photo especially for the artwork, lighting is also a crucial element in creating a realistic and captivating portrait. Natural light is often the best option, as it can create a soft and flattering effect. However, if natural light is not available, you can use artificial lighting to create the desired effect. Experiment with different lighting setups until you find the one that works best for your subject.

Mastering the Color Mixing and Brushwork

Once you have set up your composition, it's time for us to start painting. Mastering color mixing and brushwork is essential for creating a realistic and lifelike portrait.

Brush Techniques for a Realistic oil painting Portrait

There are several brush techniques that we use to achieve realistic textures and details in your portrait. Blending is a technique that involves blending colors together to create a smooth and seamless transition. Glazing involves layering thin layers of paint to create depth and richness. Impasto is a technique that involves applying thick layers of paint to create texture and dimension.

We will probably have to mix every possibility to achieve the best result, but we do that for a living, so there is no reason to worry about the technical difficulties. Just know what your portrait painting is in good hands.

The different kinds of portrait painting

The different kinds of portrait painting

There are many kinds of portrait painting, it can be a person or a pet portrait, and everything in between.

Let's name a few types of portrait painting that you can commission from us (see our gallery)

  • Individual portrait
  • Couple portrait
  • Wedding portrait
  • Pet portrait
  • Family portrait
  • Car portrait
  • Boat portrait

The limit is your imagination, so go ahead, and shoot away, we can do the reproduction using oil paint.

Commission an oil portrait, the steps to take

It is pretty simple, actually.

  1. Take your best picture, or shoot a new one, following the recommendations above.
  2. Send us the picture by email at [email protected]
  3. Specify the size you want, if you didn't order directly from the website.
  4. Please let us know if you want to receive it rolled in a tube (free shipping), mounted on wooden stretchers, or mounted AND framed. In that case, choose the frame color.
  5. Allow us some time to process your painting. It usually takes about a month.

And that's it...

Ordering a painted portrait online is simple

But creating an oil painting portrait is a complex and rewarding process that requires skill, patience, and creativity. By setting up a composition and mastering color mixing and brushwork, we create a stunning and timeless portrait that captures the essence of life. Whether you are commissioning a painting portrait of a loved one or a pet portrait, the art of oil painting portraits is a beautiful way to capture the essence of life in a lasting and meaningful way.

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