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Buy Andy Warhol superb reproductions hand-painted on canvas with oil painting, rivaling with the master quality. Choose between dozens of artwork.

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A short story of Andy Warhol

Before making art for galleries, Andy Warhol was New York's most famous and well-paid commercial illustrator. Still, his screen printed pictures of Marilyn Monroe, soup cans, and shocking news stories quickly became linked to Pop art. He rose from being poor and unknown as a child of Eastern European immigrants in Pittsburgh to becoming a charming draw for the artsy people of New York and eventually making it to High Society. Many people see his rise as similar to one of the goals of Pop art, which was to bring popular styles and topics into the exclusive rooms of high art. One of his greatest accomplishments was making himself into a public icon, which was a new level of fame and celebrity for a fine artist.

It has recently been praised that Warhol's early business illustrations were the first time he learned how to change people's tastes. His drawings were often funny, pretty, and silly. They had a very different mood from his Pop art, which was cold and distant.

There is still a lot of disagreement about the famous screen printed pictures that Warhol used to make his name as a Pop artist in the 1960s. Some people see his Death and Disaster series and his pictures of Marilyn as honest ways for him to show how sad he is in public. Others see them as the first signs of "compassion fatigue," which is when people stop being able to relate to things that are happening in the world that they don't feel connected to. Still other people see his pictures as screens that try to register and process shock by putting us between frightening events.

Artists had been using pop culture all through the 20th century, but Pop art was a big step forward in the separation of high and low art. In the early 1960s, Warhol's paintings were a big part of these new ideas. But it could be argued that his many other activities in later years were just as important in spreading the effects of Pop art to other areas and making the lines between high art and popular culture even thinner.

Even though Warhol kept making paintings from time to time throughout his work, he "retired" from painting in 1965 to focus on making experimental films. After being ignored for years, these films are now getting a lot of attention, and Warhol is seen as one of the most important directors of the time and a founder of independent film.

People who review art have always thought that Warhol's work started to go downhill after Valerie Solanas shot him in 1968. They have given his early paintings the most importance and have ignored the things that he was interested in in his later years, like parties, collecting, publishing, and making portraits for people who asked him to. Still, some people think that Warhol's most important impact is all of these projects because they show how artists today have a wide range of interests, activities, and interventions.