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Buy Rembrandt superb reproductions hand-painted on canvas with oil painting, rivaling with the master quality. Choose between dozens of artwork.

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A short story of Rembrandt

Rembrandt's life and work were driven by his deep psychological study of people, things, and their environments, as well as his sincere Christian faith. From a very young age, he was a very talented artist. He became a master of all kinds of portraits, scenes from history, the Bible, and mythology, as well as simple, charming, but dramatic settings. He used a lot of different materials and methods, and he did so with an unusual amount of sensitivity and spontaneity, to get his point across. His ways of using composition, color, and shadow were always changing so that he could show the most strongly moving and natural moments of human life. The way he used light and texture to stress emotional depth ran through all of his works, making him one of the greatest and most innovative artists of all time. From his early, large, ambitious paintings of history to his later, smaller, warmer works, you can see that he has these traits. Most people think of the famous genius as the most important artist in Dutch art history, because his work was a great example of the Dutch Golden Age, which was a time of great wealth and culture achievement.

What made Rembrandt paintings so special?

    Rembrandt was known for being an amazing artist who could not only draw people in a natural, realistic way, but also show their feelings, flaws, and morals. He thought that people's feelings and experiences were more important than anything else in life. He wanted to show his subjects' feelings and experiences even when he painted them in the setting of history, religion, or society.

    One of Rembrandt's most important contributions was turning etching from a fairly new way to make copies into a real art form. His status as the best engraver in the history of the art form still stands. During his lifetime, few of his works left the Dutch Republic, but many of his prints were sold all over Europe.

    Rembrandt's many self-portraits are interesting because they tell a unique story about the artist. Whether he painted himself in a mask or as a regular person, he looked at himself without arrogance and with a sincere vulnerability.

    During the Golden Age of the Dutch, portraits became more famous. Since the new trade lines made people more aware of foreign cultures and interests, the new merchant class liked to have imaginative portraits of themselves made to hang in their homes. Companies and other groups would also buy group portraits. Rembrandt was one of the best portrait painters of his time. He was known for perfectly catching the unique personalities and emotional quirks of his subjects.

    Even though painted scenes from the Bible and large-scale history works were becoming less popular, Rembrandt stuck with them because he was deeply religious and cared about how people lived. People have called him one of the great prophets of society because of the way he tells these old stories.

    Rembrandt was more creative than Titian and Velazquez because he changed the way he used paint, making it as much of a subject in a picture as his figures. Changes in brush strokes from loose to rough or manipulation of textures with scratching or a palette knife would all add greatly to a radically new signature style that would influence generations to come.