Art, painters and paintings in movies

I thought about making a list of movies about art for a while now, so here it is: just a list of movies I found worth it.

Written by: Paul on March 06, 2024 ||

The piece the resistance for the beginning, the most wonderful movie about art of all time, I name:

Tous les matins du monde

Imdb score 7.5/10 - Self: 10/10. Link to watch it

The story of Monsieur de Sainte Colombe, fierce and somber man, grand master of the viola da gamba and professor of Marin Marais, prestigious musician in the court of Louis XIV.

Wonderful movie about art, and music, more accurately, and how it elevates the mind. If there's one movie about "what is art?", that would be the one.


A wonderful and appealing movie, from real events, with a masterful Guy Pierce as usual.

The last Vermeer

Imdb score 6.7/10 - Self: 8/10. Link to watch it

An artist is suspected of selling a valuable painting to the Nazis, but there is more to the story than meets the eye. The last Vermeer is not the one you think.

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