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Buy Edward Hopper superb reproductions hand-painted on canvas with oil painting, rivaling with the master quality. Choose between dozens of artwork.

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What we like about Hopper's paintings

Frankly, I am a big fan. I think, maybe, because I am an artist and an introvert, but Edward's paintings infuse me with a sense of calm. The scenes, chosen for their intimacy, or the quiet landscapes, are painted with colors that clear the mind, soothing the reality that we commonly observe. I would like to, I imagine myself, living IN one of these artworks, even for a brief moment, and that's probably the magic effect it has on people: we'd like to be there too.

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Edward Hopper art shortly

Edward Hopper (1882-1967), American, born in Nyack, New York.

Hopper was the only one who could show how lonely a person can feel in a modern city. His pictures of people in cities show much more than just modern urban landscapes. Instead, they show the dark side of the human experience. So, even though his work is technically Realist, it gives a much more vivid picture of life between the two World Wars. In fact, Hopper's paintings have very little action and almost no signs of life or movement. He also uses dramatic lighting and claustrophobic settings to show something of the psychological inner life of his subjects, which helped pave the way for Abstract Expressionism. He added meaning and the weight of the individual's existential being in the modern metropolis or in the country to pictures of everyday life that might have seemed simple otherwise.


The style of Edward Hopper

Hopper's pictures always show only a small part of a story or one hint of something. He forces the viewer to finish the story by giving them many clues but no clear answers. This part of his art would have a big effect on the rise of postmodernism, in which the viewer plays a big role in figuring out what the art is about.


Hopper's people are usually shown alone and separated from their surroundings, either literally by glass windows or figuratively by formal means. This shows that the artist is interested in the loneliness of modern life. In many works, the sharpness of the details and the directness of the light create a tension that takes the viewer's attention away from the subject and says a lot about how he felt. In this way, the artist's work connects the contemporary Ashcan School's interest in everyday life to the later existential artists' exploration of mood.


Many of the houses that Hopper painted, which he brought to life through art, were set apart from their surroundings, lit with a white light that made dramatic highlights and shadows, and seen from interesting angles. These paintings have been used as inspiration for movies.