Art Reproductions: when printing machines replace the artists' work

Art reproductions can be painted by an artist with oil painting, or can be printed on canvas.
Art Reproductions: when printing machines replace the artists' work

Written by: Paul on November 14, 2023 ||

Art reproductions, also known as canvas reproductions or artwork copies, have become increasingly popular in the art world. As technology advances, the ability to recreate famous masterpieces and original artworks with stunning accuracy has improved significantly, became cheaper... and of lesser quality.

While not long ago real artists were copying an artwork with skills and oil paint, they are progressively replaced by printers, that placate a photo on a canvas instead of a piece of paper, and call it art reproduction.

Canvas prints are just photos that want to pass as artworks. Real art reproductions are made with oil painting, and brushes, by an artist.

What kinds of art reproduction services are there?

There are two kinds that concern us, as we do art painting reproductions: the hand-made reproduction drawn with oil paint, and the much simpler photo of an artwork printed on canvas or on paper.

Art reproduction services

Art reproduction services

For and against of Art printing by a machine

Art prints on canvas1 are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to hiring an artist for creating artwork. With the accessibility of professional printers, anyone can produce these prints from any location. Although they closely resemble the original, they lack the depth and substance that make a piece of art truly unique.

There are some limits too. If the resolution of the image is not good enough, the artwork will be blurry, which does not happen with a painting. But the new AI software are solving that. And of course, there's a limit in format the machine can print, for the public at least.

But at the end of the day, a canvas print is just a poster of an artwork. It is a photography of art, that tries to convince it is art.

Real art reproductions, made by an artist

It is difficult to picture the difference between a canvas print and a real artwork from a computer screen. But imagine you want to buy a Ming dynasty vase to decorate your home, and settle for the cheap plastic version of it. It will look the same, it will be far cheaper, but it's plastic, not ceramic. The felling is similar for oil painting reproductions.

Real art reproductions are hand-made by an artist, not printed

Real art reproductions are not simply printed, but rather meticulously crafted by the hands of skilled artists. These talented individuals possess a profound understanding of the original artwork and strive to capture its essence in their reproductions.

With a keen eye for detail and a mastery of various techniques, these artists skillfully recreate the brushstrokes, textures, and colors that make the original artwork come alive. Each stroke of the brush is carefully considered, ensuring that every nuance and subtlety is faithfully represented.

art reproduction by artist Paul Oeuvre Art

art reproduction by artist Paul Oeuvre Art

Unlike mass-produced prints, these hand-made reproductions possess a unique charm and authenticity that can only be achieved through the dedicated craftsmanship of a skilled artist. They carry the artist's personal touch and passion, allowing art enthusiasts to truly connect with the essence of the original masterpiece. In a world where digital technology has become prevalent, real art reproductions remind us of the timeless beauty and craftsmanship that can only be achieved through the human touch.

Prints on Canvas: Photo of an artwork printed on canvas.
Hand-Made painting reproduction: Replicas of original artworks with paint on a canvas by an artist.

Today's challenge for real art studios - or ateliers

83% of art reproductions sold over the internet are photos of artworks printed on canvas.

The industry has been playing with words to promote prints on canvas over painted artworks, has they lack artists and the capacity to produce real reproduction. The big companies have since then taken the market buy storm, using teams of marketers, pools of writers, huge ads budgets… to compete for keywords that usually define the artistic industry. They push for consuming prints and pretend their photos printed on canvas are art reproductions… 

What chances have the regular artists' studio these days, beside being exploited for their know-how, by companies always asking for a better quality and a cheaper price?

We can safely say that honesty and transparency are not our competitor's forte. For myself, I am mostly concerned about the artwork's quality, I let the marketing teams battling together - intelligent people will know the difference.

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