Hand-painted reproduction of an artwork

An artists' studio employs artists who use oil paint to copy artworks on canvas, trying to make it look like as close to the original as possible.

Written by: Paul on September 19, 2023 ||

We find all kinds of bullshit on the internet, mostly driven by the will of misleading customers by abusing words.

Here are some you will easily find if you are looking for a hand-made artwork reproduction.


Oil painting reproduction

Read: A reproduction of an artwork that was made with oil paint by the original artist. Mostly used by companies who want to sell prints as they lack the artists to do a real reproduction using paint. They nevertheless may suggest that it is made with oil paint, but it might not be.

Note: The term can be used by legitimate artists' studio. Check what's what before ordering.

Tip: if it costs less than 100 USD, it is a print.


Real oil painting reproduction on stretchers made in the USA

Read: A print (photo) of an artwork that is on stretchers. Mostly made in a cheap country, like China, and sent to the US rolled. The aforementioned artwork is stretched on a frame that was made in the US.


Canvas wall art

Typical of shit that doesn't mean anything. Canvas wall art can be anything, as long as it is on canvas.

What's a canvas?

A canvas is not a printed artwork, it is not a painting, or whatsoever.

A canvas is just a stretched piece of fabric that artists use to paint on. It can be made of weaved linen, but nowadays, good quality is usually in cotton, whereas most companies uses nylon canvases. It is not a piece of art in itself. Furthermore, it is an empty surface.



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