Tim's Vermeer

Tim Jenison is trying to understand how Vermeer was able to create his photo realistic paintings in the 16th century.
Tim's Vermeer

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In Teller's perspective, the film "Tim's Vermeer" explores several aspects of the artistic process and raises questions about the nature of creativity and artistic genius.
The adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" holds true in the case of Teller, the taciturn member of the renowned magician duo Penn & Teller.

Nevertheless, the individual has a significant level of interest in visual representations, specifically paintings and the artistic process, to the extent that he has chosen to explore this subject matter in a recently produced documentary titled "Tim's Vermeer." Notably, the distribution rights for this documentary have been acquired by Sony Picture Classics.

Sony has obtained the rights to the film titled "Tim's Vermeer," directed by Teller. This film narrates the real-life story of Tim Jenison, an inventor from Texas who endeavors to comprehend the techniques employed by the 16th-century Dutch painter, Vermeer, in creating his remarkably lifelike paintings, a century and a half prior to the advent of photography.

Johannes Vermeer, The Milkmaid

Johannes Vermeer, The Milkmaid

The Tim's Vermeer story

Over the course of a ten-year expedition, Mr. Jenison embarked on a journey to Delft, Holland, the location where Vermeer produced his renowned artworks. His purpose was to engage with British artist David Hockney, who had conducted his own investigation into Vermeer's artistic techniques, as well as those employed by other painters. The objective of this endeavor was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the artistic methodologies employed by these artists.

According to a recent dispatch from Sony, Mr. Jennison's effort reached its culmination by employing 15th century technology centered around lenses and mirrors. This development led to the discovery of a technique that Vermeer likely utilized, so providing substantial evidence in support of an extraordinary theory.

In a concise statement, Penn Jillette recounts Tim Jenison's intention to undertake the ambitious task of recreating a Vermeer painting, as shared during a dinner conversation. Tim exhibits exceptional intellectual abilities, although I first held reservations. I desired to witness his execution of the task.

Tim Jenison, explained to me over dinner, that he was going to try to paint a Vermeer! Tim is a genius, but I was skeptical. I wanted to see him do it.
— Penn Jillette

Teller has assumed the role of director for the television series 'Penn and Teller' since its inception, therefore prompting us to produce a film documenting Tim's monomaniacal odyssey.

Acquiring Sony Pictures subsequent to the initial dialogue of the film signifies a narrative that extends beyond the involvement of solely two illusionists and a peculiar creator inside the confines of his personal workshop. The film titled "Tim's Vermeer" is a significant contribution to the field of art history with the potential to bring about transformative changes.

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