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    Our high-quality oil painting reproductions are hand-painted on the finest canvas using only the finest pigments. What makes our high-quality paintings better?

    • Level of details: we are doing a replica that is close to a forgery, reproducing everything in the small details.
    • The paint is added thickly: Our brushstrokes are thicker, using more paint, unlike cheap copies you can buy on the internet, that are merely prints on canvas with hints of acrylic paint.
    • Complexity of the artworks: Complexity of the artwork is not a problem. If some paintings are more of a challenge than others, we thrive in excellence realizing them.
    Seven A. M., Edward Hopper, 1948
    Oil on canvas 76,7 x 101,9 cm
    New York, Whithney Museum of American art
    In her diary dated September 22, 1948, Josephine Hopper records the completion of her husband’s most recent painting:
    "E. made this painting in 16 days. If I remember correctly, he started it on Labour Day on September 6. It’s a very short time."
    The painting depicts an anonymous store in the morning light. If the summer is suggested by the lush foliage on the left it emerges from the scene some form of desolation. Nobody is behind the cashier which may seem consistent with the time of day but, strangely the shelves are empty and the few bottles on display do not provide any clue about the nature of the trade. A clock on the wall confirms the time given by the title.
    The painting seems to represent a precise moment and place. A series of preparatory sketches attest that Hopper experimented with several variations of composition, even going so far as to represent a character in the window of the first floor. He also considered painting this subject at another time of day.
    What could have attracted Hopper to this subject and caused such urgency to paint it when we know the usual difficulty of the painter to get to work?
    Unfortunately, Jo’s notes say nothing about it. The only anchor points that remain are the invariants of this subject with the other themes treated by Hopper: the feeling of desolation and abandonment that emanate from this shop visibly without activity, the proximity of a dark and almost threatening nature, Hopper’s interest in architecture and deserted places, his obvious pleasure in describing the path of light and projected shadows.
    Despite his persistent refusal to recognize a narrative meaning in his compositions, Hopper chooses here a title that sounds like the opening of a narrative that remains to be written.
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