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Kandinsky, Yellow-Red-Blue - No. 314 (1925) - Hand Painted Reproduction museum quality

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    Our high-quality oil painting reproductions are hand-painted on the finest canvas using only the finest pigments. What makes our high-quality paintings better?

    • Level of details: we are doing a replica that is close to a forgery, reproducing everything in the small details.
    • The paint is added thickly: Our brushstrokes are thicker, using more paint, unlike cheap copies you can buy on the internet, that are merely prints on canvas with hints of acrylic paint.
    • Complexity of the artworks: Complexity of the artwork is not a problem. If some paintings are more of a challenge than others, we thrive in excellence realizing them.

    Take a look at it in augmented reality with Google Art, Kandinsky, Yellow red Blue

    On the Spiritual in Art was published by Kandinsky in 1911. This piece delves into his thoughts on the impact of color on human emotions. Violets, according to Kandinsky, indicate morbidity or grief. This picture is supported by a purple cloud on the left side. This amorphous billowing purple contrasted with the tall yellow bottle. They are diametrically opposed in color and form. Purple and yellow are opposite colors on the color wheel. A cloud and a sharp-edged rectangle couldn't be more dissimilar.

    Kandinsky's yellow represented both warmth and enthusiasm. So I appreciate how he appears to have bottled these emotions on the left side of Yellow-Red-Blue. The yellow then swirls around a gray sun and leaps across the twelve-foot canvas. On the far right, it blossoms. This produces a purple and yellow frame around the shapes in the painting's center. Furthermore, the color variation reinforces the concept of this being two paintings in one. This is because they are complementary hues. Kandinsky finds the left frame depressing. While the right side frame conveys joy.

    Kandinsky's favorite hue was blue. Blues, to him, were chilly and profound, like the ocean or the otherworldly. That's when I get the Alice in Wonderland vibe. This painting takes us on an emotional journey, aided by a strange drink. On our right, the blue area creates a gorgeous circle of amazement. In addition to the blue, there is a red semicircle. However, the red serves as a sloppy guidepost, directing our attention to the large blue ball. Given Kandinsky's understanding of red, this transition makes sense.

    He associates reddish tones with aspirations. So, in theory and in this artwork, red functions as an escort for him. Red is even mentioned in the title of the picture as a transitional characteristic. The story travels through these colors like a drink through the body of a character. It all begins with a beautiful violet melancholy. Then, as our gaze moves from left to right, a bright yellow drink rises to take over the landscape. That represents the painting's left side.

    The right side depicts the aftereffects of the drink. It's a little muddy and reddish at first. A variety of colors and shapes draw our attention to the large blue marble. It's a magnificent cobalt ball that feels like the hero of the story. It transports our character from sorrow to a more heavenly realm. Kandinsky's blue has a sense of calm and serenity rather than weeping. Yellow-Red-Blue so has a pleasant conclusion.

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